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7 days ago
If you are interested in how we can support you to learn and understand how to support a child who has experienced trauma reach out to us...
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Cathy Kubiak @CathyKubiak
Anger is such a vague term... As a Foster Carer you are trained and supported to see deeper. Why is there anger, where does this come from, what is triggering this... I think this picture is such a beautiful representation of exactly this...
3 weeks ago
Shout out to the Independent Social Workers out there looking for opportunities (Form F Assessments)... #TeamF5 is still growing, here's another chance to come grow with us 👌
3 weeks ago
Wishing all you wonderful Dads out there a happy fathers day, with an extra special shout out for all our Foster Dads. Thankyou for everything that you are doing 😍
#FathersDay #FosterDads #FosterCare #Hereos
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1 month ago
Hi all - How would blue and orange look on you, because guess what guys - We're recruiting !!! For a confidential chat reach out to either Cathy Kubiak or Emma Turnham
#LetsChat #YouveSeenUs #YouveHeardUs #NowJoinUs
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2 months ago
Day 2 of Foster Care Fortnight #FCF20 and we are proud to be supporting this campaign to raise awareness of what fostering is all about and the need, now more than ever, for more new Foster Carers to stand up, raise their hands and start changing lives.
#FCF20 #ThisIsFostering
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