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Welcome to the F5 fostering family

We are starting the journey as an Independent Fostering Agency and would love you to be part of our growing family of foster carers. We want the journey to becoming a foster carer with F5 to be exciting, challenging and equip you with all the skills and knowledge that you will need to care for some of the most vulnerable children and make a real and lasting difference to their lives.

Make a Difference

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Foster Carers
We recruit our committed Foster Carers with a diverse range of skills, knowledge and cultures to offer wider and more closely matching placement opportunities.
Supporting and caring for our foster families, respecting children’s birth families.
Recognising that providing excellent reflective care everyday supports the child’s journey to a brighter future.

Fostering Children

At F5 we celebrate each child and young person’s unique and wonderful qualities and we need Foster Carers who can look past their history and behaviour and bring out their potential. We want carers to embrace the positives and deal with the difficulties whilst recognising that everyone has talents and skills and be able to develop their personalities and help them find their niche in the world.

We will provide you with the training and support to help the children and young people along their journey and be proud to be part of their world for the time they are with you. We want to be able to move children into their permanent placement having had a great experience and have learnt how to live with others and achieve personal milestones.

The Agency has links with the Pathway Group and Nationwide care so can provide extra packages of support for education and care. We pride ourselves on our ability to enable young people to achieve within education and go onto successful careers and home lives.

Supporting Carers

The management team at F5 are here to ensure that our foster carers have the support they need to be effective at caring for the precious youngsters in the system, we believe carers should have all the support they need to concentrate on the job in hand, F5 is part of the extended network for foster carers, with support, training and backup.

Transferring to F5

Moving across to F5 is easy, we are a small team of professionals and like to keep things personal, after all we are also the support network for our foster carers! you can reach us via our contact for or call our head office and ask for Claire or Cathy.

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