Poem from a Young Person - Author unknown

Poem from a Young Person - Author unknown
We love this poem, it highlights just how important empathy is when supporting children and young people who come to live with our Foster Carers. Unfortunately, we do not know who the author of this is as we found this poem online. so we are unable to credit them.
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I wish they would stop blaming me for stuff that’s not my fault Expecting me to know things that I was never taught.

Describing me as challenging complex and hard work, Can they not see past it to my endless pool of hurt.

Look at my referral, painting me as bad, with very little mention that I might be very sad.

Listing my ‘behaviours’ as something quite concerning Clearly not considering, what I might be yearning.

Listing all the families where I have had to leave, totally ignoring my desperate need to grieve.

Speaking of my history before I became a ‘LAC’ it’s just the same old story, neglect cos Mum’s on crack

Dad was very violent and there wasn’t that much food, but Mum would sometimes hug us if she was in the mood.

I’m only having contact six times a year, they hardly ever turn up and this brings me to tears.

School is very stressful I’m struggling to read, they always think I’m rude and they say they can’t ‘meet my need’.

Yesterday the social worker asked how I am feeling, she spoke about an ‘incident’ where I had been caught stealing.

She wanted me to promise I would never steal again, as it’s hurting other people and I must consider them.

‘Things are very ‘fragile’ she said at my review, cos they do not understand me THEY HAVEN’T GOT A CLUE!

She said my behaviour starts to escalate (I’m not sure what that means), So they’re having another meeting via Microsoft Teams!

Author unknown