F5 Foster Care officially rated as "Good" with "Outstanding" Leadership & Management

F5 Foster Care officially rated as "Good" with "Outstanding" Leadership & Management

We are extremely proud to announce that F5 Foster Care was recently inspected by Ofsted and the results are in and they are positive! The inspection, which took place in December 2022, found that F5 Foster Care is a “Good” fostering service with “Outstanding” Leadership and Management and that the agency is providing an excellent service to its Foster Carers and the children in their care.

It was highlighted throughout the report how child centered  we are as a service and and how our team of dedicated Foster Carers provide safe, secure and nurturing homes for the children who are thriving in their care. It has been lovely to receive such feedback and not just from Ofsted themselves. Feedback from our Foster Carers and from cared for children was also included, with one young person telling Ofsted of their Carers “Moving to their home is the best thing that ever happened to me” Hearing this really warms our hearts because above all else, the reason we started this journey was to make a direct and positive impact of the lives of Children.  The report also goes on to talk about how safe, valued and listened to our children and young people feel.

We are really pleased that the report also pays attention to the high levels of support and training that is embedded throughout our service. Feedback was provided to Ofsted from our Foster Carers and from our staff team about this and how they feel that they have been supported from the day they joined F5 onwards. In fact even before they join, the feedback given about the enquiry and assessment process was also positive with Ofsted advising “Foster Carers say that joining the agency is a pleasant and thorough experience.” A member of the staff team also told Ofsted  ” The support I receive is massive. No matter what I want to talk about, the manager (Debbie  Bowman) is approachable. Nothing is too small, nothing is too big.”

We really are so very proud of our team of staff and carers and of the children and young people who are in our care, and want to give our thanks for you continuing support, we would like to give an extra special thankyou to the Fostering Manager Debbie Bowman who has led the agency from the heart since joining us back in May 2021. Her skills, knowledge and experience have been an invaluable addition to our service. Thankyou for all that you have done and continue to do.

The report is available for all to read by clicking here If you would like to know more about F5 Foster Care, our service, our team or our opportunities please do feel free to reach out.

You can reach us on Tel – 0121 2710555  Email – team@f5fostercare.co.uk or  Web http://www.f5fostercare.co.uk